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Best Endodontic course

Best Endodontic Course In India

Module 1 Basic Endodontics

Day 1

  • Introduction to endodontics
  • Access cavity preparation
  • Demonstration and hands on : access cavity preparation on posterior & anterior teeth
  • Canal location and preparation: use of DG16, access opening bur, endo Z bur
  • Use of radiographic and non radiographic methods to determine working
  • Length : use of different apex locators

Day 2

  • Access opening, canal location on extracted teeth by participants
  • Rubber dam application demonstration

Day 3

  • Importance of glide path
  • Cleaning & shaping technique
    • Step back
    • Crown down
    • Technique for severe curved canals : tactile control activation technique
  • Demo & hands on : protaper instrumentation technique

Day 4

  • Patient allotment
  • Demonstration of correct chair positioning technique for all teeth
  • Demonstration of L.A. techniques
  • HOW to overcome L.A. failure
  • Demo :use of apex locator and endomotor on patients

Module 2 Basic Endodontics

Day 5

  • Sonic vs ultrasonic irrigation
  • Use of varius irrigation techniques
    • Endoactivator
    • U files etc
  • Sequence of various intracanal irrigants
    • Sodium hypochlorite
    • Saline
    • EDTA
    • Chlorhexidine
  • Demo and hands on: hand made irrigation device

Day 6

  • Patient work completion, allotment of new cases
  • Demo and hands on use of
  • Endoactivator
  • U files
  • Manual dynamic activation technique
  • Introduction to various other rotary instruments like hyflex, hero, Neo endo. Self adjusting files etc

Day 7

  • Use of calcium hydroxide, metapex and other medications
  • Open dressing vs closed dressing ???
  • Use of triple antibiotic paste in endodontics
  • How to prevent ledge formation, management of curved canals.
  • How to negotiate calcified canals by the use of c+ files, D-finders

Day 8

  • Patient work completion, allotment of new cases
  • How to make triple antibiotic Paste

Module 3 Advanced Endodontics

Day 9

  • Exposure to different sealers
    • Sealapex
    • Ah plus
    • Apexit-plus
    • Zoe sealer
  • Various sealer application methods
  • Thermoplasticized obturation technique

Day 10

  • Patient work completion and allotment of new cases
  • Use of endomotor by Participants on patient

Day 11

  • Various obturation techniques
  • Single cone technique
  • Sectional obturation
  • Lateral condensation
  • Vertical condensation

Day 12

  • Patient work completion and allotment of new cases
  • Demonstration & hands on: touch and heat device
  • Use of ultrasonic in lateral condensation

Module 4 Advanced Endodontics

Day 13

  • Retreatment of endodontic failure cases
  • Demonstration of G.P. removal
  • How to manage fractured instrument cases

Day 14

  • Patient work completion and allotment of new cases

Day 15

  • Use of MTA, biodentine & its application
  • Perforation management
  • Apexification
  • Management of vertical root fracture cases
  • Introduction to other latest advances in endodontic world

Day 16

  • Patient work completion and allotment of new cases
  • Submission of log book

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